ICHIRO UENO“Embrace encounters and realize your dreams.”

Born 1955 in Sendai and still residing there, Ichiro grew up immersed in art under his father, a classically trained painter. After studying drawing on his own and honing his talents, he ventured into the art world to begin his career as an artist.

Like so many other artists of the past, Ichiro is captivated by the grandeur and sheer force that is Mt. Fuji, a motif that has prominently featured in countless works of art from Japan.

A big turning point in Ichiro's career came after the Great East Japan Earthquake. A victim of the disaster, who was residing in a temporary housing facility at the time, purchased one of his pieces. “I want to brighten up my drab room with your art” she said and as she took the painting into her own hands, Ichiro noticed her face light up with pure joy which left a lasting impression on him.

Stemming from a desire to deliver positive vibes to the world through his work, he decided to label his unique form as “POWER ART”. “If it is true that I can make somebody happy through my work then why not try and reach as many people as possible?”

Ichiro’s flagship series is called “Fuji to Ryu” which translates to “Fuji & Dragon”. He believes that these two iconic symbols, which are said to bring good luck, are deeply engrained in Japanese culture and are worthy of the “POWER ART” title.

“Embrace encounters and realize your dreams” is how Ichiro looks at things, truly believing in fate and that through his art he is destined to cross paths with people.  If one is able to find this conviction in oneself, realization of one’s own dreams is possible.

Admiration of Ichiro’s work quickly spread from his hometown out into the world. It’s hard not to be drawn to the raw energy present in his art.


“Humanity is evolving rapidly, birthing new technologies and culture at an incredible rate. Next to cars that run on gasoline, we now have hybrid models, and in that sense artists should also experiment and explore new mediums and technology.”

Ichiro wants to be part of this change, looking to produce pieces that aesthetically complement the materials as well as the current trends and thinking.

Most of Ichiro’s work in recent years has been done on acrylic board. Acrylic gives each piece more transparency than say a traditional canvas, and Ichiro has devised a very unique way to create a sense of depth when both sides are used. And if the board is placed into a frame with built in LEDs, there is an illusion of the painting and colors coming to life in a very dazzling fashion.

Interestingly, Ichiro is not one to keep viewers from interacting with his work either. He actually encourages people to get closer than most other artists would even dare. The drying speed and resilience of acrylic colors makes it possible to physically engage with the art and its textures through touch. Viewers can run their fingers over the contours of paint and experience the art on a different level. Ichiro’s art flips the notion that paintings are purely visual works of art on its head, opening the door to a completely new potential audience.